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Climbing the Lanin Volcano ...  The summit of Patagonia
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This days, we are departing form San Martin de los Andes at 6:30 AM. You must be here a day before to check the equipments

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climbing the Lanin Volcano with us

    Lanín Volcano (3,776 masl, 12369 feet) is situated in the southwest part of Neuquén province in Lanín National Park, between the Paimún and Tromen lakes. It is surrounded by diverse tree varieties, mainly the lenga, Ñire, and the famous Araucaria, many of which species can't be found elsewhere in Argentina.

The North face. This photo was taken in March and you can see the different glaciers without snow

    The Lanin Volcano, is a challenge to both local and foreign climbers, who dream of its exhilarating summit, by its steep north and south slopes usually covered glaciers.

    In our journey to the volcano, we will see indians communities, different lakes, rivers, birds and animals, like red deer and wild boar and after two days walking you can reach "The Summit of The Patagonia"

The south face


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Ascenso al volcán Lanin, Parque Nacional Lanin